Scorpion Kick and God

England were playing football against Colombia in 1995 when something incredible happened. It was a friendly match, trundling along without much excitement in front of a threadbare Wembley crowd of about 20,000 spectators.

Jamie Redknapp, a midfield player, attempted to launch a long ball into the Colombian box but the flight of the ball was jejune and malnourished and it sailed towards the fuzzy-haired and flamboyant figure of Rene Higuita in the Colombian goal. It was so easy for Higuita to reach out and catch the ball but the eccentric goalkeeper dived forward and, with his back arched like a scorpion's tail pre-sting, flicked up both of his heels with exquisite timing to clear the ball.

This was an outrageous and hugely entertaining stunt and Wembley gasped with delight! What did God think when Higuita did this stunning party piece? Perhaps the Lord said to the angels - "Finally someone has done the scorpion kick!"


What brings you joy?

What makes you glad to be alive?

Do you think God has made a 'bobbydazzler' world?

How did Higuita honour the cultural mandate?

How would Plato respond to the scorpion kick?



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I think it was St. Irenaeus who once said, 'The glory of a God is a human being fully alive.' Certainly this moment in football seems to express that. In answer to your first question Mark, I love great stories, particularly told though the medium of cinema; and a brilliant film, with captivating characters and interesting twists and turns in the plot often makes me feel alive, and at times fills me joy.

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