Schoolswork in Cumbria

Over the moon with this recent RealityBites subversive activity in Cumbria. Henry Brooks is a gifted writer and friend and is now conducting his own RealityBites events! He writes as follows:

I was asked 2 weeks ago by a local secondary school to do three one-hour RE lessons when presenting year 7s with their Gideon New Testaments. 'Remember', said the Head of RE, 'some of these children won't know who Jesus is, so keep it simple!' What could I do to keep them interested for a whole hour?

Obvious: use RealityBites – Hollywood and Nazi worldview stories!

I bracketed Mark's slides with others of my own and we talked about what Jesus said about these things.

The Head of RE, upon hearing the presentation and being genuinely astounded by how well the children listened, asked if I would do a further one hour presentation to her year 11 class. 'Yes Ma'am, just line them up!' says I. And so once again I was able to exploit the God-given opportunity with the RealityBites material. The 15 year olds went on to ask questions about life, death, the afterlife, love, sex, marriage and the meaning of life without any prompting.

I also adapted the same presentation to speak at two different congregations last weekend for Holocaust Remembrance Sunday on 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7, 'The mystery (secret plan) of Lawlessness is already at work' etc. One pastor was amazed, 'my adult son usually goes home after the worship, but he stayed and said how much he was engaged and challenged by what you said.'

There were similar comments from many members of both congregations which are still trickling in by Facebook, so basically I just wanted to thank RealityBites again for Mark and the gift he has been to our church and West Cumbria.

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