The Redemptive Power of Dance

Here follows a great story about the redemptive power of dance in a wonderful book by David Day entitled A Preaching Workbook.

A woman describes a hospital ward for chronically ill elderly patients and how God's kingdom can break in.

They were all sitting half dead in their wheelchairs, mostly paralysed and just existing. They watched some television, but if you had asked them what they had watched they probably would not have been able to tell you.

We brought in a young woman who was a dancer and she put on records of Tchaikovsky's music and started to dance among these old people, all in their wheelchairs, which had been set in a circle. In no time the old people started to move. A lady aged 104 said, "This reminds me of when I danced for the Tsar of Russia". An elderly man stared at his hand and said, "Until now I haven't moved this hand in 10 years".

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