Mafia and Christian Faith

In 1973 Leonardo Vitale a Sicilian man of honour/mafiosi had a profound spiritual crisis. He began to seek God for forgiveness. As a young boy his uncle asked him to demonstrate his 'valour', first by killing a horse, and then at the age of nineteen, by killing a man. He was driven past the victim in a tiny Fiat 500 and stood up on the back seat to fire at him with a shotgun. Later after his spiritual wrestling and repentance he said "do you see my hands? – they are stained with blood". He clearly had some kind of conversion to the Christian faith. In 1984 as he was coming home from Mass he was shot in the head two times. His crime was to break the vow of omerta (keep silent/stumm). He had sinned against the mafia!

Isn't this a great story to get people thinking about repentance and conversion?


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Another great story ….thanks Mark!

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