God’s kingdom in Sicily?

In May 1992 mafiosi Giovanni Brusca set off a huge bomb in the small Sicilian village of Capaci that killed antimafia investigating magistrate Giovanni Falcone, several police officers and his wife.

At the state funeral of Falcone and the other murdered government officials, Rosario Schifani, the widow of one of the dead police officers said the following in a very public way:

To the men of the mafia – who are here in this church too – I want to say something. Become Christians again. I ask you, for Palermo, a city you've turned into a city of blood. Men of the mafia, I will forgive you, but you will have to get down on your knees.

Her brave speech had a huge impact for the good. Many Mafiosi stopped their killing and extorting etc. People began to notice and fight against the mafia.

Does Rosario sound just like one of the OT prophets? Study Micah 7:1-7.

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