Delightful story from Tanzania

This is another cracker of a story. It comes from the Neema Crafts project.

Hezron's Story: Weaving

Hezron was a proud and healthy young man in his mid twenties with everything to live for – a lovely wife, two beautiful children and another on the way at any moment, when the minibus taxi he was travelling in hit an oncoming car. All thirty people who were crammed into the vehicle died, except for Hezron and a new born baby, who had to be pulled from the bodies amongst the wreckage.

That day Hezron lost the use of both legs and found himself wheelchair bound at home, unable to support himself or his family, written off as a burden to society. After two years of watching his wife and young children have to fend for themselves, he felt utterly worthless and was on the brink of taking his own life, feeling that they would be better off without him.

When he was first pushed to the centre to ask for work his voice was barely audible, his self-esteem had sunk so low. He was taken on as a trainee weaver and today – one year on – he is full of life and enthusiasm. He has become a highly skilled weaver, enjoying the therapeutic activity involved and taking great pride in the beautiful items he produces. He peddles himself to work each day on the hand-pedal 3 wheeler provided by the centre, and feels proud of himself and his ability to support his young family.

The joy he had found is plain for all to see by the broad smile he wears as he races his fellow weavers up the hill to work each morning!

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