Daily Work (Part 1)

I am really looking forward to working with vicar Guy Donegan-Cross and the congregation at St Mark's, Harrogate next month. We will be exploring how to integrate Christian faith with our daily work and the church has asked RealityBites to craft some sermons on the topic. Fantastic!

A few brief introductory thoughts about our working lives. It's very helpful to reflect on all the different jobs and work activities that we engage in. From changing a nappy to writing an essay. When did you feel most happy and when did you feel most miserable in a work assignment? Think of it like this. When did time seem to flash by when you were working and when did time seem to drag on minute after excruciating minute?

Here's my answer to this. The work I have most enjoyed doing is teaching and storytelling. What a pleasure! The work I have least enjoyed doing is marking university level essays. Exhausting and such work makes me irritable and cantankerous! Ask my wife.

How would you answer this question?



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Hey Mark, sounds good! just one positive thought I have about tackling tasks we naturally find unpleasant. I'm facing one just now – organising my finances & property-hunting. I feel if I can start to 'get inside' these tasks instead of resisting & hating them – and even maybe see them more in terms of things I enjoy eg see flat-hunting as journey & exploration… maybe I could find them at least less unpleasant! Maybe…

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