Christmas Prayer

Our good friend from Australia Bruce Wearne has sent us this prayer from 'down under'.

A Christmas Prayer

Father in Heaven, As we celebrate the birth of Jesus,

Grant us a happy celebration that refreshes us and brings us together in glad thankfulness for the birth of Your Son, for the new start for the human race, for the life you have given us, here and now, of what is now past and what we now enjoy.

On this day as our feasting celebrates the coming of the Redeemer, help us to remember that soon after the shepherds gave their devotion and the foreign visitors gave their exotic gifts, the young family had to flee and become asylum seekers in a foreign land. So in being grateful for the coming of Jesus, give us also a taste for the bitter lives so many face who do not have enough bread, whose peace is shattered by war and violence, whose lives are ruined by flood or famine, who wait in detention seeking a new home.

When we sip soups prepared for our celebration, remind us again of who we are, and grant we may find good ways to serve the dispossessed and the lonely, the shut-in and the immobile.

When we taste sweat sauces, on our salad, meat and sweets, give us thankful hearts that can humbly resolve to keep on working for good, for justice and peace wherever you place us.

And when we clear away this table and stack the dishes, make us joyful in the soapsuds, knowing that our life of service, nourished by a firm hope in your promises in Christ Jesus, may blossom and flourish in a nurture that loves our neighbours as ourselves,



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