Cheese or Stumm

Some people just don't get it! They think it's self-indulgent talking about James Bond and Rat worship. They say – forget this nonsense and start talking about Jesus without any daft, eccentric preliminaries.

Such people simply haven't recognised how secularism blinds people at a deep spiritual level. They don't understand that secular people find conversations about God and Jesus embarrassing, awkward and weird.

Spiels about Bond and Rat worship give us a new way of talking about Jesus. And these spiels don’t make you wince with the fear of ridicule. For many Christians today witnessing is too often about sounding cheesy or saying nothing. You try to talk about Jesus and the cold contempt of the secularist cuts into you like a poisoned knife. You try again and then you give up – perhaps for ever!

RealityBites gives you a new and culturally appropriate way of witnessing and I've done it with several humanists/atheists and they don't laugh at you.

Talk about Bond with all the cheek and humour you can muster. Relish 007 being attacked by Jaws and quipping – "He just popped in for a bite."

Explain how some Hindus worship rats. Then show how different secular people respond to the rodent faith. And then you can talk meaningfully about faith in Christ. I challenge all the doubters. Have a go yourself. You really don't have to stay covered in rancid cheese or keep stumm!

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