Pointing to Christ Through your Discipline

A Speaker Training Day for Forming a Christian Mind: Cambridge, 25 May 2019

Today we're promoting a special "Forming a Christian Mind" event coming up in Cambridge on 25 May, with a booking deadline this week.  Meredith Thompson, from the FACM committee, explains...

"Pointing to Christ Through your Discipline" is a morning event that aims to help us establish vision for introducing Christianity by means of our academic specialisms.  We will conceptualise and develop material in which the questions of our academic disciplines can point explicitly to Christianity and the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

  • Andrew Fellows (Cambridge Scriptorium) will lay the theoretical foundations by examining the way God created reality to point to his glory, ‘in, through, and to’ Christ.

  • Tim Laurence (co-ordinator of the FEUER academic speakers network, IFES Europe) will briefly introduce David Glass by sharing a range of talk titles and approaches from across the full range of academic disciplines, which have been used by Christian academics in university outreach across Europe in the last few years.

  • Dr David Glass (Senior Lecturer at Ulster University, and author of “Atheism’s New Clothes”) will then share how he uses his specialism in Artificial Intelligence to introduce the gospel (something he will have done in a Christian Graduate Society public event at the Round Church the night before – click here for details). We will also hear how he has given these such talks for CUs in Eastern European universities, the opportunities and challenges this has presented, and what we can learn from all this.

The final hour will be a small group workshop in which to share (and receive peer-feedback on) your own work and the outline of a talk that you could give showing how the issues of your own topic point toward the relevance and credibility of the Christian worldview.

We would love for you to join us for this exciting event and to encourage each other in growth as effective witnesses for Jesus Christ through the academy.

If you come, please bring a sample title and outline of a presentation that you feel you could deliver (or develop further) to a non-Christian undergraduate audience, which uses the unique questions of your discipline to point to Christianity. The following starting points may be helpful:

  1. Are there any accepted assumptions in your discipline which a Christian worldview can provide a stronger basis for, and explain more adequately?
  2. Are there any recognised paradoxes or problems in your discipline which a Christian perspective can uniquely help to address?
  3. Are there any possible fruitful or new areas of research which are under-appreciated by the secular mind, but which a Christian worldview is serving to promote?
  4. How have Christians contributed to the history of your discipline or faculty in a way which a secular account might overlook?
  5. What light does the person of Christ himself shed on the discipline?


"Pointing to Christ Through your Discipline: Introducing the Gospel with your Specialism" takes place on Saturday 25 May from 9:45am to 1pm at the Jubilee Centre, 59 St Andrews Street, Cambridge.  Spaces are limited: please reserve your place by 17 May by emailing Meredith at 

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