An epic 24hrs: the FiSch Leaders’ Conference 2016

In just under four months the 2016 Fisch Leaders’ Conference will be taking place in Leeds. It’s going to be epic; a crucial moment under God’s grace for this cohort of Christian postgraduate leaders.

Fundamentally it promises two things (with a money back guarantee): you will enjoy a time of rest and encouragement as you are fed in a community of Christian scholars; and you will be challenged to grow in your thinking and leadership as you share your experiences and listen to others.

As well as peer-to-peer group discussions, in 2016 our lectures will be provided by the Christian philosophy power couple Drs Adrienne and Jonathan Chaplin. Dr Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin taught philosophical aesthetics at the Institute for Christian Studies (Toronto) and now works as an independent writer. She works on the philosophy of art, has written and lectured globally on aesthetics and art and is co-author of Art and Soul: Signposts for Christians in the Arts. Dr Jonathan Chaplin is the Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics and has written widely on politics, political theory, ethics and Christianity. He is currently a member of the Divinity Faculty in Cambridge and has previously held positions at VU University (Amsterdam) and the Institute of Christian Studies (Toronto).

Over recent years the FiSch Leaders’ Conference has been a wonderful event. We’ve seen local postgraduate group leaders share their struggles and plan new opportunities and we’ve seen new leaders grow in their passion for encouraging others to consider scholarship under Christ’s Lordship. The FiSch Fellows are committed to encouraging and supporting you, this generation of leaders, as Christians in the postgraduate world.

Perhaps however you don’t see yourself as a leader. Well you’re amongst kindred thinkers here, but just to help you out our definition of leadership might be of interest: “taking responsibility for encouraging and supporting Christians in postgraduate education and research”. If that describes you, then you fit, we’re here to help you in your work and this conference is for you.

In under 24hrs expect to make new contacts, develop relationships, enjoy good food, rest in a beautiful home, critique your role in encouraging Christians, be challenged in your thinking, enjoy an inter-disciplinary community, and praise God together for His works. Put the date in the diary now (19th-20th February 2016), and get ready to book your place soon – it’s going to be epic.


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That is so well put, Richard. David and I hope to attend. All my career I did research in universities plus teaching professionals. The only way we support Postgrad Students now is at church and through David’s TraVis course, but I guess that is enough. Are you organising meals at this leaders’ conference or is Richard G?

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