"Feminism": still a dirty word?

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Friday 7th December 2018 7:00pm to 9:30pm

In this sharp-edged lecture Dr Hobbs shows us clearly why we need feminism at the present time, when it's still said by some in "evangelical" leadership that women exist principally for child-bearing and -rearing. The theological tradition we've inherited is tainted by sexism, even dismissive of male-on-female violence - and such violence is not absent from the church. We are pleased that so many were able to hear and meet Dr Hobbs and we're grateful for the work she's doing.

You can watch the video of this lecture online.

"Feminism": How Christians characterise it, how it can be redeemed, and what all this can teach us about ourselves. A free lecture with Dr Valerie Hobbs.

How the Church treats and talks about women is the subject of controversy and debate. Parts of the Church often find themselves at odds with each other - and with wider society - over gender roles, language and structural power issues. The word feminism, in particular, has become a lightning rod for strong opinion in sections of the church - particularly in the US, but also in many churches in the UK.

In this lecture, Dr Valerie Hobbs will explore how different Christians have characterised feminism, how it can be redeemed, and what all this can teach us about ourselves. Questions and discussion will follow.

Wine and cheese will be served on arrival (from 7pm), with the lecture beginning at 7.30pm.

The speaker

Dr Valerie Hobbs is Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the University of Sheffield. Her research and teaching focus on religious language and institutional discourse, and she is currently writing a book for Bloomsbury on Religious Language in Modern Contexts.

She is particularly interested in how Christians talk and write about women. Some of her recent work has examined several corpora of Christian sermons, to see how Christian pastors preach about divorce and domestic violence. She
has also recently published research on discrimination in religious higher education.

Dr Hobbs hails from the United States and the subject matter of this lecture was gathered for publication there a little while back. It examines the rhetoric of American pastors and preachers in speaking of "feminism".

She and her family have attended Wycliffe Independent Church in Sheffield since 2004.


This is a free event, but please book your place by emailing office@thinkfaith.net.

There will be an opportunity to contribute to costs on the night.