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Liz Wood on Frank Sinatra on Christian Faith (Monday 21st June 2021 8:06pm)

To James T

Nowhere did I jusify that but do not discount giving away money or charity as irrelevant in the eyes of God.

Ah heresies! It never ceases to amaze me how many people fall for the claim that such and such a religion is false but fail to do their own rrsearch into it.

Right wing Evangelicals have made all sorts of prophecies over the years, none of which have come true and yet blindly people carry on following these leaders.

James T. on Frank Sinatra on Christian Faith (Wednesday 16th June 2021 2:30pm)

Yes, evangelicals can be very judgmental but on the flip side don’t try and justify that Frank was justified in the eyes of God because he gave millions to charity or that he was kind to minorities and Jews. If he rejected Christ as his savior, he is not in Heaven. That’s what God’s word says . Good works will not get you into Heaven. Bottom line is only God knew if he really called on Christ in his last moments of life and I do not mean “last rites” Roman Catholicism is a false religion and has nothing to do with the true Gospels.

Tim Bowman on The Handyman and his Faith in Science (Sunday 9th May 2021 6:37pm)

My response is not directly related to the subject matter here, but is to do with worldviewish chats. In the faith communities in which I find myself [they shall remain nameless but they are supposed to be Christian], I often find myself up against liberal, post modern theology. There is a certain type of person who likes nothing more than embedding themselves within a Christian community and then taking pot shots at any orthodox belief. Over time, sometimes guided by Mark, I have got better at responding to these taunts and getting to the nub of the issue.

Richard Gunton on Worshipping in the graveyard (Friday 23rd April 2021 10:26am)

Thanks, David. Yes, one hundred generations takes us back substantially before Christ!  St Mary's is said to have been built in 1130, and it's within the Roman fort of Portus Adurni, so I don't suppose there'll be any continuity with pre-Christian worship on the site. It might be spectacular at midsummer sunrise, though! 

Thanks for your comment about virtual communion. The vicar actually mentioned Tom Wright's work last Sunday, and I'm looking forward to future sermons.

Patricia Gray on Navigating Scholarly Disagreement (Friday 23rd April 2021 9:20am)

Thank you for this very useful piece. The wisdom that you share is, I feel, applicable more widely in academic and cultural life. In the UK, where I am based, free speech and the discipline of constructive debate, which must underpin it in any learning community, is under severe threat with ‘no-platforming’ lobbies acting to prevent anyone deemed to be offensive or politically incorrect from contributing to an open debate or meeting. This way the silencing of unpopular or marginal views lies.

Dave Hopwood on The Handyman and his Faith in Science (Thursday 15th April 2021 7:54pm)

Thanks for this Mark. Very thought provoking. And there are of course lots of scientist who have faith and trust in Jesus. I'm a writer and on the side of the artists and imagineers, but it seems to me that science informs us of so much about the wonder and order of things. Faith operates in a different sphere, in my understanding, addressing questions of identity, hope, meaning,, love and the ever present human ability we all possess to mess things up. Thanks again for your post.

David Hanson on Worshipping in the graveyard (Wednesday 14th April 2021 12:18pm)

Good memories, Richard! Our first married home in Portsmouth, a kerbside ground-floor hospital flat, was demolished ages ago (well, maybe two generations!) "(H)undreds of generations" at Portchester, you say? Maybe. But only if we include possible pre-christian gatherings responding on that site to God's daily messages in sun-rise and sun-set (and whom God will one day judge by the standard of what they knew!)

Liz Hume on One year on: writing from the middle of the story (Thursday 8th April 2021 11:03am)

Thanks for sharing this honest post, Alicia - from one among many who are rooting for the flourishing of the humanities in our culture in general, and your contribution to that in particular! Praying for comfort as you look at your part of the story - it isn't over yet...

Steve Bishop on Goliath's Pagan Worldview (Monday 22nd March 2021 10:54am)

Brilliant mate! I've reposted it on my blog - hope that's OK.

Kevin otieno on On Horses and Victory: Proverbs 21:31 (Sunday 21st March 2021 3:25am)

The massage is quite good for Christians to be alart to stand firm and to do their mandate , because the enemy has rise against them but the victory belong to the lord , glory be to the lord for your massage