The Handyman and his Faith in Science

To be honest DIY is not my strength. My dad, Jim, was terrible at DIY and it seems to run in the family. My wife, Anne, was concerned about the lack of shelving for books in the house and I was commissioned to find the right tradesman. Imagine my delight when I found an advert in the local newsagents promoting the work of a local 'handyman' who specialised in shelving assignments. I rang up Ron and the next day he arrived at our home full of the joys of spring. Within ten minutes we had a deal and I knew that Anne would be pleased.

Ron asked me what I did for a living. I told him I worked for the West Yorkshire School of Christian Studies. Ron's face contorted slightly in a supercilious direction. He stated his case pithily.

“To be honest Mark, I'm on the side of science rather than religion.”

I had something in the locker.

“So do you agree with Eric Harris, the Columbine killer?”[i]

Ron looked at me with a slightly baffled expression.

“Just to fill you in Ron, Eric Harris and his friend, Dylan Klebold shot 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School, Colorado, USA in 1999.”

Ron was keen to make a point. “But what's this got to do with science?”

“Eric, the cold-blooded murderer, completely agreed with you Ron. He wrote in his diary: “just because your mommy and daddy tell you blood and violence is bad, you think it’s a f―g law of nature? wrong, only science and math are true, everything else, and I mean every f―g thing else is man-made.”

I paused for dramatic effect. I pressed home my point.

“So do you agree with Eric that only maths and physics are true and everything else is man-made? Therefore there is nothing wrong with cold-blooded murder.”

Ron was now rather rattled and he seemed rather shaken by my story.

“To be honest I'm not sure what to say, Mark.”

“Ron I'm just trying to help you think about what you believe about life, the universe and everything. Are you a materialist like Eric?”

Ron was candid. “Tell me more about materialism.”

“Materialism is the belief that everything is just physical and only the natural sciences hook onto reality. If only ‘physical stuff’ exists then the only things we can believe in are those things that can be measured by scientific equipment. This translates into the belief that only maths and physics tell us the truth about the world. This then leads to the conclusion that moral statements such as ‘murder is wrong’ are human made and have no truth. In addition a materialist would say that Eric Harris had a brain bug, a glitch in his brain and that's why he did it. In other words, Eric's brain made him shoot his victims! So Ron I'd like to know – are you a materialist?”

Ron now looked subdued and rather troubled. His supercilious demeanour had vanished.

“I think you are the first person in my life to challenge my materialist beliefs. To be honest I don't want to be a materialist but it seems to make sense to me.”

I had a wrap up spiel. “To be frank Ron I used to be a hardcore materialist like you but God spoke to me and told me about His Son, Jesus. Ron if you believe in Jesus...I'll rephrase that...if you trust in Jesus, if you eat Jesus, your sins are forgiven and God will give you a fabulous resurrection body and you will live in a new heaven and a new earth. Ron, do think about this!”

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Thanks for this Mark. Very thought provoking. And there are of course lots of scientist who have faith and trust in Jesus. I'm a writer and on the side of the artists and imagineers, but it seems to me that science informs us of so much about the wonder and order of things. Faith operates in a different sphere, in my understanding, addressing questions of identity, hope, meaning,, love and the ever present human ability we all possess to mess things up. Thanks again for your post.

My response is not directly related to the subject matter here, but is to do with worldviewish chats. In the faith communities in which I find myself [they shall remain nameless but they are supposed to be Christian], I often find myself up against liberal, post modern theology. There is a certain type of person who likes nothing more than embedding themselves within a Christian community and then taking pot shots at any orthodox belief. Over time, sometimes guided by Mark, I have got better at responding to these taunts and getting to the nub of the issue. The trick is to show very little patience with them declaring ''I don't believe in this'' [insert at random...The Resurrection, a Creator God, 'Jesus died for your sins' etc] but to press them as to WHAT THEY BELIEVE INSTEAD. This immediately changes the dynamic and puts the onus on them to explain themselves, whereas what they were looking forward to was half an hour of gentle mockery. Your invitation for them to expand can go something like this...''I am very happy with my faith and The Lord Jesus Christ continually amazes me with his graceful guidance. Please tell me what you believe and then we can celebrate that too!'' On no account allow them to carry on expressing themselves negatively [they will try]. Urge them to a completely positive summary of what's so good about their position. Since this is usually materialism topped with a little mysticism be prepared for silences.
Tim Bowman

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